Occurrence Records - Index Fields

This table provides information on the occurrence record field types and mappings between search terms, JSON output terms (see ALA web services), download headers, readable names, descriptions, Darwin Core (DwC) terms and classes, as well as other miscellaneous attributes. Data is derived from the JSON web service: https://biocache-ws.ala.org.au/ws/index/fields. More information can be found on the wiki page.
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Search term JSON output Download term DwC term DwC class Description Download description Further information Other attributes
cl2022 cl2022 null Contextual Physiographic Provinces 2011 Physiographic Provinces 2011 I S string
cl2045 cl2045 null Contextual GER Standard Boundary 31-12-2013 GER Standard Boundary 31-12-2013 I S string
cl2048 cl2048 null Contextual GER Central Victorial Biolinks GER Central Victorial Biolinks I S string
cl2049 cl2049 null Contextual GER Great Eastern Ranges Initiative GER Great Eastern Ranges Initiative I S string
cl2050 cl2050 null Contextual GER Kanangra-Boyd to Wyangala Link GER Kanangra-Boyd to Wyangala Link I S string
cl2052 cl2052 null Contextual aus_agroclimate_grp aus_agroclimate_grp I S string
cl2076 cl2076 null Contextual Fire regime niches Fire regime niches I S string
cl2077 cl2077 null Contextual seagrass seagrass I S string
cl2078 cl2078 null Contextual capad 2014 marine capad 2014 marine I S string
cl2079 cl2079 null Contextual capad 2014 terrestrial capad 2014 terrestrial I S string