Occurrence Records - Index Fields

This table provides information on the occurrence record field types and mappings between search terms, JSON output terms (see ALA web services), download headers, readable names, descriptions, Darwin Core (DwC) terms and classes, as well as other miscellaneous attributes. Data is derived from the JSON web service: https://biocache-ws.ala.org.au/ws/index/fields. More information can be found on the wiki page.
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Search term JSON output Download term DwC term DwC class Description Download description Further information Other attributes
verbatim_locality verbatim_locality verbatimLocality Location Verbatim Locality I S string
verbatim_longitude verbatim_longitude verbatimLongitude Location Verbatim Longitude I S string
verbatim_srs verbatim_srs verbatimSRS Location Verbatim SRS I S string
videos videos I S string
water_body water_body waterBody Location Water Body I S string
year year year year Event Year Year I S int
zone zone I S string