Occurrence record: JCT-A7077.4

Preserved specimen of Yamadaella caenomyce (Decaisne) I.A.Abbott recorded on 1984-12-19


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Data resource JCT AVH data
Institution code James Cook University
Supplied institution code "JCT"
Collection James Cook University Herbarium
Supplied collection code "JCT"
Catalog number JCT-A7077.4
Occurrence ID JCT:DC:1136062
Record type Preserved specimen
Supplied basis "PreservedSpecimen"
Preparations slide
Identified by Huisman, J.
Identified date 1998-01-21
Collector Price, I.R.
Record number 3647
Reproductive condition leaf
Associated Occurrence Status Asserted duplicates
Associated occurrences The occurrence is associated with a representative record.
For more information see Inferred associated occurrence details
License CC-BY 4.0 (Int)
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Language en
Presence/Absence PRESENT
Supplied as present
Associated records ASSOCIATED
Disposition in collection
Occurrence remarks Microscope slide T1685.
Date identified 1998-01-21


Occurrence date 1984-12-19
Date precision DAY


Scientific name Yamadaella caenomyce
Supplied scientific name "Yamadaella caenomyce (Decne.) I.A.Abbott"
Identified to rank species
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Rhodophyta
Class Florideophyceae
Order Nemaliales
Family Liagoraceae
Genus Yamadaella
Species Yamadaella caenomyce
Name match metric canonicalMatch
Scientific name authorship (Decaisne) I.A.Abbott
Supplied as (Decne.) I.A.Abbott
Name parse type SCIENTIFIC
Nomenclatural code ICN


Country Australia
State or Territory Queensland
Locality Alma Bay, N side of bay, Magnetic Island, Townsville.
Supplied as "Common on granite boulders, intertidal."
Latitude -19.148611
Supplied as: "-19.148611111"
Longitude 146.869444
Supplied as: "146.869444444"
Datum EPSG:4326
Coordinate precision Unknown
Coordinate uncertainty (in metres) 1000.0
Georeferenced by compiler
County Kennedy North
Terrestrial true
Verbatim latitude 19 8 55 S
Marine false
Country Code AU
Verbatim longitude 146 52 10 E

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    Inferred associated occurrence details

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    Representative Record
    Record UUID 23604f6b-fd7a-4799-83bb-0cb5a8fc70f3
    Data Resource JCT AVH data
    Raw Scientific Name Yamadaella caenomyce (Decne.) I.A.Abbott
    Coordinates -19.148611,146.869444
    Related records
    Record UUID 27b7f9b3-b555-40f4-8822-75e8e44c592e
    Data Resource JCT AVH data
    Raw Scientific Name Yamadaella caenomyce (Decne.) I.A.Abbott
    Coordinates -19.148611,146.869444
    Record UUID f1c3ebf8-2d90-4605-8459-002f77b2e139
    Data Resource JCT AVH data
    Raw Scientific Name Yamadaella caenomyce (Decne.) I.A.Abbott
    Coordinates -19.148611,146.869444
    Record UUID 4be20359-ae2e-4c96-b600-b89e13cf21ee
    Data Resource JCT AVH data
    Raw Scientific Name Yamadaella caenomyce (Decne.) I.A.Abbott
    Coordinates -19.148611,146.869444

    Additional political boundaries information

    Area Management
    Australian Tropical Savanna Australian Tropical Savanna
    CAPAD 2010 Marine Great Barrier Reef Coast
    CAPAD 2012 Marine Great Barrier Reef
    CAPAD 2014 Marine Great Barrier Reef
    CAPAD 2016 Marine Great Barrier Reef
    CAPAD 2018 Marine Great Barrier Reef
    CAPAD 2020 Marine Great Barrier Reef
    Directory of Important Wetlands Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
    Fallow practice - dominant (area) No cereal producers
    Fallow practice - dominant (number) No cereal producers
    Global 200 priority ecoregions - Freshwater Eastern Australia Rivers & Streams
    Global 200 priority ecoregions - Marine Great Barrier Reef
    Irrigation practice - dominant No irrigation
    NRM Regions 2010 Burdekin
    NRM Regions 2014 Burdekin
    NRM Regions 2015 Burdekin
    NRM Regions 2017 Burdekin
    NRM Regions 2017 (Qld 2019) Burdekin
    Stubble practice - dominant (area) No cereal producers
    Stubble practice - dominant (number) No cereal producers
    Tillage practice - dominant (area) No cereal producers
    Tillage practice - dominant (number) No cereal producers
    Area management
    National Landcare Program Management Units 2018 Burdekin
    Freshwater Ecoregions of the World Arafura - Carpentaria
    IMCRA 4 Regions Northeast Shelf Province
    IMCRA Meso-scale Bioregions Lucinda-Mackay Coast
    Agroclimatic classification of Australia Strongly developed wet and dry seasons with cooler winter and with a growing season lasting at least six months
    Drainage Divisions Level 2 ROSS RIVER
    FAO Fishery Statistical Areas 71
    Marine Ecoregions of the World Central and Southern Great Barrier Reef
    States including coastal waters Queensland (including Coastal Waters)
    Local Government Areas PSMA 2018 TOWNSVILLE CITY
    PSMA Localities (2018) CORAL SEA
    PSMA State Electoral Boundaries (2016) TOWNSVILLE
    PSMA State Electoral Boundaries (2018) TOWNSVILLE
    Geological Regions of Australia Charters Towers Region
    Surface Geology of Australia Pgoa
    IGBP Land Cover vegetation classification scheme (2011) Permanent wetlands
    NVIS 4.1 Major Vegetation Groups Cleared, non-native vegetation, buildings

    Environmental sampling for this location

    Area Management
    Natural resource management expenditure 4273293.0 $
    Acacia – Miller et al 2012 - 0.5 degree 0.6383
    Amphibians (global) – Pyron & Wiens 2011 - 0.5 degree 4.1323
    Endemism 0.04510259
    Endemism (Non-marine) 0.055092942
    Mammals – Fritz et al 2009 - 0.5 degree 0.3689
    Migratory species (2008) 12.0 frequency
    Occurrence Density 47523.0 frequency
    Shannon Diversity (H) 5.2008047 index
    Species Richness 3360.0 frequency
    Threatened species (2008) 5.0 frequency
    2030A1BMk35M: Aridity index - annual mean 0.40082222
    2030A1BMk35M: Evaporation - month min 157.83 mm
    2030A1BMk35M: Precipitation - annual mean 91.36667 mm
    2030A1BMk35M: Precipitation - driest month 9.93 mm
    2030A1BMk35M: Precipitation - equinox seasonality ratio 0.3166502
    2030A1BMk35M: Precipitation - spring or autumn season -2.1343021
    2030A1BMk35M: Temperature - annual max mean 28.9975 degrees C
    2030A1BMk35M: Temperature - annual min mean 21.654167 degrees C
    2030A1BMk35M: Temperature - annual range 15.490021 degrees C
    Aridity index - annual mean 0.67894524
    Aridity index - month max 2.1887164
    Aridity index - month min 0.097532235
    Evaporation - annual mean 155.18723 (ml/5km x 5km pixel)
    Evaporation - month max 212.36346 mm
    Evaporation - month min 99.531586 mm
    Growth index C3 macrotherm plants - annual mean 0.45 index
    Growth index C3 mesotherm plants - annual mean 0.38 index
    Growth index C4 megatherm plants - annual mean 0.38 index
    Humidity - annual mean relative 79.693245 %
    Humidity - annual mean relative 3pm 74.3421 %
    Humidity - month max relative 83.85843 %
    Humidity - month max relative 3pm 78.684494 %
    Humidity - month min relative 71.695244 %
    Humidity - month min relative 3pm 71.695244 %
    Precipitation - annual 1321.0 mm
    Precipitation - annual (Bio12) 1162.0 mm
    Precipitation - annual mean 108.22234 mm
    Precipitation - annual seasonality 4.050069
    Precipitation - coldest quarter (Bio19) 55.0 mm
    Precipitation - driest month 16.0 mm
    Precipitation - driest period (Bio14) 2.0 mm
    Precipitation - driest quarter (Bio17) 48.0 mm
    Precipitation - equinox seasonality ratio 0.2951547
    Precipitation - seasonality (Bio15) 100.0 mm
    Precipitation - spring or autumn season -2.3656826
    Precipitation - warmest quarter (Bio18) 697.0 mm
    Precipitation - wettest month 339.3758 mm
    Precipitation - wettest period (Bio13) 81.0 mm
    Precipitation - wettest quarter (Bio16) 728.0 mm
    Radiation - annual mean (Bio20) 19.4 MJ/m2/day
    Radiation - seasonality (Bio23) 18.0
    Radiation - warmest quarter (Bio26) 21.2 MJ/m2/day
    Temperature - annual max mean 27.379166 degrees C
    Temperature - annual mean (Bio01) 24.4 degrees C
    Temperature - annual min mean 19.914167 degrees C
    Temperature - annual range 17.325409 degrees C
    Temperature - annual range (Bio07) 15.7 degrees C
    Temperature - coldest month min 14.89 degrees C
    Temperature - coldest period min (Bio06) 15.4 degrees C
    Temperature - coldest quarter mean (Bio11) 20.3 degrees C
    Temperature - diurnal range mean (Bio02) 7.2 degrees C
    Temperature - driest quarter mean (Bio09) 20.8 degrees C
    Temperature - isothermality (Bio03) 0.46 %
    Temperature - month hottest maximum 30.32 degrees C
    Temperature - seasonality (Bio04) 0.98
    Temperature - warmest month min 23.57 degrees C
    Temperature - warmest period max (Bio05) 31.1 degrees C
    Temperature - warmest quarter (Bio10) 27.6 degrees C
    Temperature - wettest quarter mean (Bio08) 27.5 degrees C
    Wind run - annual mean 165.07004 km/day
    Distance - to any water (weighted) 0.0 degrees
    Distance - to coast 0.01 km x 100
    Distance - to non-permanent water (weighted) 0.0 degrees
    Distance - to permanent water (weighted) 0.12369317 km
    Euclidean Distance to Coast (metres) 21153.69 m
    Remoteness index 5.71
    Water Observations From Space 92.827 Percentage
    GEOMACS - geometric mean 0.018281 Pascals
    Great Barrier Reef 100m DEM 7.000002 m
    Sea Surface Temperature - MODIS Terra 25.936987 Degrees C
    SeaWIFS K490 Mean 0.14120255 Kd@490nm/m^2
    SeaWiFS Chlorophyll Mean 1.6597903 mg/m^3
    2030A1BMk35M: Water stress index - month max 81.0
    ASRIS 0-1m Plant Available Water Capacity (250m raster) 17.0 mm
    ASRIS 0-30cm Bulk Density (250m raster) 1.7 Mg/m3
    ASRIS 0-30cm Clay Content (250m raster) 32.0 %
    Bulk density 1.4363158 Mg/m^3
    Clay % 9.929825 %
    Hydrologic conductivity - average saturated 100.0 mm/h
    Moisture Index - annual mean (Bio28) 0.57
    Moisture Index - highest quarter mean (Bio32) 1.0
    Nutrient status 1.0 index
    Soil depth 1.0 m
    Soil pedality 2.0
    Water holding capacity 66000.0 mm
    Water stress index - month max 81.0
    Weathering Intensity V2 1.91969 Weathering Intensity Index
    Aspect 40.0 degrees
    Averaged Topographic Relief 437.66666 metres
    Bathymetry and Elvation 9 sec 0.0 m
    Elevation 111.0 m
    Topographic Slope (degrees) 8.421094 degrees
    Topographic relief 124.5516 m
    Topographic slope (%) 9.364381 %
    Enhanced Vegetation Index (2012-03-05) 0.1346 EVI
    Fraction of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (fPAR) 3.0 %
    Gross Primary Productivity (2012-03-13) 0.0043 kg C/m^2
    Leaf Area Index (LAI) - 2012-03-05 0.0 m^2 plant / m^2 ground
    NPP Mean 9.0 tonnes/ha/yr
    Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (2012-03-05) 0.1452 NDVI