Occurrence record: MEL 2496247A

Specimen of Dianthus recorded on 1856-08-01


Data partner Australia's Virtual Herbarium
Data resource MEL AVH data
Institution code Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
Supplied institution code "MEL"
Collection code National Herbarium of Victoria
Supplied collection code "MEL"
Catalog number MEL 2496247A
Occurrence ID f2886238-85b7-4cbb-bffb-768181478843
Basis of record Preserved specimen
Preparations Sheet
Collector Huet du Pavillon, A. | Huet du Pavillon, E.
Record number s.n.
Reproductive condition flowers
License CC-BY 4.0 (Int)
Supplied as https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode
Rightsholder Royal Botanic Gardens Board
Occurrence status present
Identification ID 49131339-0b6b-4e44-8fbe-b8d9cc8c04dd


Occurrence date 1856-08-01
Supplied date "1856-08"
Date precision Day
Event ID a5d7e1ec-659d-439f-a626-1085186c4b9f


Higher classification Plantae | Viridaeplantae | Streptophyta | Equisetopsida | Magnoliidae | Caryophyllanae | Caryophyllales | Caryophyllaceae | Dianthus
Scientific name Dianthus
Supplied scientific name "Dianthus marsicus"
Taxon rank genus
Supplied as "species"
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Charophyta
Supplied as "Streptophyta"
Class Equisetopsida
Order Caryophyllales
Family Caryophyllaceae
Genus Dianthus
Species Dianthus marsicus
Taxonomic issue No issues
Name match metric Higher taxon match
The match is based on the higher level classification.
Name parse type SCIENTIFIC
Scientific name authorship Ten.
Nomenclatural code ICN


Higher geography Europe | Italy
Country Italy
State or Territory Abruzzo
Locality M. pascuis elatis montis Corno [=Corno Grande]. Aprut [=Abruzzo].
Habitat Pascuis elatis.
Latitude 42.4700000000
Longitude 13.5672222222
Geodetic datum EPSG:4326
Supplied datum: "epsg:4326"
Verbatim locality M. pascuis elatis montis Corno [=Corno Grande]. Aprut [=Abruzzo].
Coordinate precision Unknown
Coordinate uncertainty in meters 25000.0
Georeference protocol Google Earth
Georeferenced by Pacitti, E.A.
Verbatim SRS epsg:4326
Georeferenced date 2021-03-30
Supplied as 2021-03-30 00:00:00.0
Location ID 167b8f18-7198-48d3-8a65-05c5cf9da241
Continent Europe
Georeference remarks [There are several mountainous places in Italy called Corno. The geocode recorded above for Corno Grande in Abruzzo is taken from other entries by the same collector in the same year and month, as it appears to be the most likely locality.]
Country code IT
Verbatim longitude 13° 34' 02" E
Verbatim latitude 42° 28' 12" N

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    Additional political boundaries information

    Area Management
    Global 200 priority ecoregions - Marine Mediterranean Sea
    Global 200 priority ecoregions - Terrestrial European-Mediterranean Montane Forests
    Freshwater Ecoregions of the World Gulf of Venice Drainages
    Terrestrial Ecoregional Boundaries Appenine Deciduous Montane Forests
    World Anthropogenic Biomes (2000) Populated woodlands
    Marine Ecoregions of the World Adriatic Sea
    World Country Boundaries Italy
    IGBP Land Cover vegetation classification scheme (2011) Water

    Environmental sampling for this location

    Endemism 0.06458875
    Endemism (Non-marine) 0.0
    Occurrence Density 3.0 frequency
    Shannon Diversity (H) 1.0986123 index
    Species Richness 3.0 frequency
    WorldClim: Precipitation - annual 940.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - coldest quarter 172.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - driest month 55.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - driest quarter 172.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - seasonality 22.0
    WorldClim: Precipitation - warmest quarter 226.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - wettest month 111.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - wettest quarter 299.0 mm
    WorldClim: Temperature - annual mean 13.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - annual range 209.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - coldest month min -79.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - coldest quarter mean -55.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - diurnal range mean 43.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - driest quarter mean -55.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - isothermality 20.0 %
    WorldClim: Temperature - seasonality 5831.0 standard deviation (degrees C * 10) * 100
    WorldClim: Temperature - warmest month max 130.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - warmest quarter mean 90.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - wettest quarter mean 28.0 degrees C * 10