Occurrence record: NSW740176

Preserved specimen of Cyperus rigens J.Presl & C.Presl recorded on 2006-01-13


Data partner Australia's Virtual Herbarium
Data resource NSW AVH feed
Institution code The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust
Supplied institution code "NSW"
Collection National Herbarium of New South Wales
Supplied collection code "NSW"
Catalog number NSW740176
Occurrence ID NSW:NSW:NSW740176
Record type Preserved specimen
Supplied basis "PreservedSpecimen"
Preparations sheet
Identified by ["Wilson, K.L."]
Identified date 2006-01
Collector ["Primary","Secondary"]
Supplied as "primary | secondary"
Record number 10269
Establishment means {"concept": "Native", "lineage": ["Native"]}
Supplied as native
Presence/Absence PRESENT
Supplied as present
Disposition in collection
Occurrence remarks Occasional in more disturbed places. Also Androtrichum trigynum (10264-65), Rhynchospora (10266), Scleria leptostachya (10267), S. sellowiana (10268), , Bulbostylis capillaris (10270).
Date identified 2006-01


Occurrence date 2006-01-13
Date precision DAY


Higher classification J.Presl & C.Presl
Scientific name Cyperus rigens
Supplied scientific name "Cyperus rigens J.Presl & C.Presl"
Identified to rank species
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Charophyta
Class Equisetopsida
Order Poales
Family Cyperaceae
Genus Cyperus
Species Cyperus rigens
Name match metric exactMatch
Scientific name authorship J.Presl & C.Presl
Name parse type SCIENTIFIC
Nomenclatural code ICN
Verbatim taxon rank species


Country Uruguay
Locality beach beside Rio de la Plata, Santa Ana (E of San Luis)
Supplied as "Open, ocean-like stretch of river bordered by sandy beach with windswept dunes covered in Acacia longifolia (introduced) and Dodonaea viscosa (native). Damp swales with numerous sedges, Drosera, Blechnum, Lycopodium, Eryngium."
Latitude -34.79361
Supplied as: "-34.79361"
Longitude -55.44789
Supplied as: "-55.44789"
Datum EPSG:4326
Verbatim coordinate system Degrees Minutes Decimal Seconds
Min elevation 1
Max elevation 2
Coordinate precision Unknown
Georeference sources GPS
Terrestrial true
Elevation 1 - 2 m
Verbatim latitude 34 47 37.0 S
Marine false
Country Code UY
Verbatim longitude 55 26 52.4 W
Verbatim coordinates 34 47 37.0 S, 55 26 52.4 W

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    Additional political boundaries information

    Area Management
    Global 200 priority ecoregions - Marine Patagonian Southwest Atlantic
    Freshwater Ecoregions of the World Lower Parana
    Terrestrial Ecoregional Boundaries Uruguayan Savanna
    World Anthropogenic Biomes (2000) Residential rangelands
    Marine Ecoregions of the World Rio de la Plata
    IGBP Land Cover vegetation classification scheme (2011) Water

    Environmental sampling for this location

    Endemism 0.033941384
    Endemism (Non-marine) 0.0
    Occurrence Density 9.0 frequency
    Shannon Diversity (H) 1.7351265 index
    Species Richness 6.0 frequency
    WorldClim 2.1: Temperature - annual mean 10.833333 °C
    WorldClim: Precipitation - annual 1069.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - coldest quarter 271.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - driest month 72.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - driest quarter 240.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - seasonality 8.0
    WorldClim: Precipitation - warmest quarter 252.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - wettest month 96.0 mm
    WorldClim: Precipitation - wettest quarter 285.0 mm
    WorldClim: Temperature - annual mean 169.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - annual range 203.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - coldest month min 77.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - coldest quarter mean 118.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - diurnal range mean 89.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - driest quarter mean 208.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - isothermality 43.0 %
    WorldClim: Temperature - seasonality 4068.0 standard deviation (degrees C * 10) * 100
    WorldClim: Temperature - warmest month max 280.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - warmest quarter mean 221.0 degrees C * 10
    WorldClim: Temperature - wettest quarter mean 136.0 degrees C * 10
    Marspec Distance to Shore 1.0 km
    Marspec Annual Range in Sea Surface Salinity 7.22 100 x psu
    Marspec Annual Range in Sea Surface Temperature 11.09 100 x degrees C
    Marspec Annual Variance in Sea Surface Salinity 423.03 100 x psu
    Marspec Annual Variance in Sea Surface Temperature 16.9045 10,000 x degrees C
    Marspec Bathymetric Slope 0.4 10 x degrees
    Marspec Concavity 0.006 1000 x degrees
    Marspec East/West Aspect 0.90999997 radians
    Marspec Maximum Monthly Sea Surface Salinity 30.91 100 x psu
    Marspec Mean Annual Sea Surface Salinity 27.64 100 x psu
    Marspec Mean Annual Sea Surface Temperature 16.27 100 x degrees C
    Marspec Minimum Monthly Sea Surface Salinity 23.689999 100 x psu
    Marspec North/South Aspect -0.41 1 x radians
    Marspec Plan Curvature 2.9999999E-4 x 10000
    Marspec Profile Curvature -2.0E-4 x 10000
    Marspec Sea Surface Temperature of the coldest ice-free month 10.54 100 x degrees C
    Marspec Sea Surface Temperature of the warmest ice-free month 21.63 100 x degrees C