Occurrence record: AK261042

PreservedSpecimen of Galinsoga parviflora recorded on 1939-08-22


Data resource New Zealand Virtual Herbarium
Institution Auckland War Memorial Museum
Supplied institution code "AK"
Collection Auckland War Memorial Museum Herbarium
Supplied collection code "AK"
Catalogue Number AK261042
Occurrence ID urn:catalog:AK:AK:AK261042
Basis of record Preserved specimen
Collector Madalski, J.|Radwanski, S.
Supplied as "J Madalski|S Radwanski"
License CC-BY
Language en
Occurrence status present


Collecting date 1939-08-22
Supplied date "22/08/1939"
Date precision Day


Scientific name Galinsoga parviflora
Supplied scientific name "Galinsoga parviflora Cav."
Taxon rank species
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Charophyta
Class Equisetopsida
Order Asterales
Family Asteraceae
Genus Galinsoga
Species Galinsoga parviflora
Taxonomic issues No issues
Name match metric Exact match
The supplied name matched the name exactly.
Name parse type SCIENTIFIC


Country Poland
Verbatim locality Poland
Country code "PL, Poland is a republic of northeastern Europe, bordered on the east by Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine, on the west by Germany, on the south by the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and on the north by the Baltic Sea. However, its boundaries have changed many times over the centuries. It was settled by Slavic tribes in the 2nd millennium BCE, and over time saw incursions by Ostrogoths, Slavs, Huns and Avars. Many small states formed in the 9th century, until a united in kingdom emerged in 1025. It was part of the Polish-Lithuanian empire in the 15 and 16th centuries. It was subsequently invaded in turn by Tartars, Ottomans and Russians. Its territory shrank as it was overrun and partitioned by various European powers between the 18th and 20th centuries. Following World War II, it was dominated by the USSR and had a Communist government, which collapsed in 1989, to be followed by a Western-style democracy. The official language is Polish."

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references www.aucklandmuseum.com/collections-research/collections/record/am_naturalsciences-object-410861

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