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Caladenia intuta | provided name: Caladenia sp. 'Brentwood' (R.J.Bates 53510) R.J.Bates Catalogue number: AD 122609

State: South Australia
Collector: [Bates, R.J.]  53510 Date: 30-08-1999
Herbarium: State Herbarium of South Australia View record

Caladenia intuta | provided name: Arachnorchis intuta D.L.Jones Catalogue number: CANB 607240.3

State: South Australia
Collector: [Jones, D.L.]  16648 Date: 02-09-1999
Herbarium: Australian National Herbarium View record

Caladenia intuta (D.L.Jones) R.J.Bates Catalogue number: CANB 621238.1

State: South Australia
Collector: [Jones, D.L.]  17218 Date: 02-09-2000
Herbarium: Australian National Herbarium View record
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