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Oxalis exilis A.Cunn. Catalogue number: AD 286210

State: South Australia
Collector: [, H.P. Vonow, Thornhill, A.H., Spokes, T.M.]  SHSA-211 Date: 28-02-2021
Herbarium: State Herbarium of South Australia View record

Oxalis exilis A.Cunn. Catalogue number: CANB 349745.1

State: South Australia
Collector: [Donner, N.N.]  9171 Date: 05-10-1982
Herbarium: Australian National Herbarium View record

Oxalis exilis Catalogue number: MEL 0526982A

State: South Australia
Collector: [Bell, A.W.]  266 Date: 25-05-1977
Herbarium: National Herbarium of Victoria View record
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